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Savanna Well Servicing

Savanna Well Servicing is well situated throughout western Canada, the United States, and Australia, offering excellent, reliable, and transparent service. With conveniently located operational and manufacturing bases, Savanna Well Servicing is able to offer a great tradition of service and value on a scale that meets the growing demands of today’s oil and gas explorers.


Savanna Well Servicing’s Canadian division is firmly rooted in the western provinces, having operated in every play throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Savanna Well Servicing provides expert service in oil and gas exploration and well preparation and well maintenance across Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

The current fleet of workover rigs in Canada makes Savanna Well Servicing the largest operator of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) workover rigs in the country. These advanced rigs enable more control over the work environment ensuring safer, more efficient operations. Experienced Canadian rig crews and management demonstrate why Savanna is a first choice among Canadian energy companies.

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Savanna Well Servicing USA is based in the Dickinson, North Dakota—the heart of the American Bakken formation. Exceptional crews and leadership have resulted in a strong and sustained demand for Savanna’s workover rigs in the area. Savanna’s US workover crews have exemplary safety records and continue to deliver a premier level of service excellence. As a result, SWS USA typically achieves utilization rates of at or near 100 per cent year round.

VIDEO: Savanna ND Rigs Reach Five Year Safety Milestone

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Savanna Energy Services has brought its latest, most efficient workover rigs to the Australian Coal Seam Gas (CSG) plays, operating in Queensland and South Australia for key oil and gas operators. These latest

Our latest Australian PLC controlled rigs employ many leading technical features including working floor Human Machine Interface (HMI), autodrill, topdrives, safety redundancies such as dual encoders, and remote access allowing technicians to troubleshoot problems from around the world via satellite.

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Service is Our Specialty

Customer service is Savanna Well Servicing’s number one priority and SWS staff strives to be responsive and transparent and build long-term relationships with customers to help them realize their production goals.

Knowledgeable and experienced management; professional crews; a wide variety of new, light-weight, technically advanced workover rigs; in-house repairs, refurbishments, and fabrication—all of these elements combine to provide service excellence. And with locations in Alberta, North Dakota, and Toowoomba Australia, Savanna Well Servicing covers the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, the Williston Basin, and everything in-between like few other oilfield services companies.


Savanna’s newest free-standing double service rigs are highly mobile with the latest well servicing automation and technology. Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) monitor and regulate weight on bit and rate of penetration. Meanwhile, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)—touch-screen, anti-glare control panels— allow operators to set specific parameters such as governed block speeds for increased safety. HMI also facilitates auto-drill and electronic transmission shifting, making Savanna’s Australian workover fleet among the best worldwide.