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Savanna Trucking Services Australia

Savanna Trucking Services is based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, and provides well site support with a complete suite of integrated logistic services for Coal Seam Gas (CSG) operations.

Services include:

  • rig moving
  • rig relocation
  • rig move planning
  • route assessments
  • pipe transport
  • water haulage
  • equipment rental
  • maintenance services
  • mobile breakdown services
Services include:

Customized Solutions

Savanna Trucking Services offers custom, practical solutions for energy companies through collaborative project management systems which reduce costs and timelines while increasing safety by incorporating the use of daily tracking, real time updates, experienced operators, and modern equipment. All of Savanna Trucking’s vehicles are equipped with In-Vehicle Management Systems (IVMS) which are live-tracking controlled, capable of receiving and confirming delivery instructions via the onboard screen and communications system.

Savanna Trucking has experience in rig moving and rig relocation for drilling rigs and well service rigs. In accordance with the rig moving plan, all necessary permits, customs clearance, quarantine, and vehicle escorts, are obtained to ensure a safe, efficient move between well sites, provinces, and countries. This dedicated division for import and export of equipment works with Australian Customs and federal departments to obtain key permits and register equipment including Authority to Operate (ATO), Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance, and Approval in Principal (AIP).

Additionally, the delivery of drill pipe and well casing throughout the Surat Basin in Western Queensland is a specialty. With pipe trucks capable of delivering 50 ton consignments in one load (that’s up to 200 meters of pipe from Brisbane port to the Surat Basin over a 4-day period) our customers experience efficiency for a lower cost. Savanna Trucking caters to both supply and disposal of water to and from the well site for drilling and well servicing operations, transporting clean and contaminated water, as well as mud reclamation.

All Savanna Trucking employees are trained and certified through the Australian Department of Environmental Affairs.

Savanna Trucking’s extensive equipment inventory continues to grow year-round to cater to customers’ growing needs. Each piece of equipment is designed and maintained to exceed federal and regulatory inspections and includes flat top / highboy trailers, drop deck / lowboy trailers, tautliner trailers, pipe trailers, 180 ton prime movers, bed trucks, hot shot trailers, winch trucks, loadmasters, vacuum trucks, flock tanks, water pumps, and water tanks.


All equipment is operated under the guidelines of the Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS)

  • Winch trucks
  • Prime movers
  • Forklifts 4×4 with attachments (pipe grabs, stingers, etc)
  • Drop deck / lowboy tri axle trailers with hydraulic ramps
  • Flat top / highboy tri axle trailers with roll
  • Jeeps / Dollies tandem 2×4
  • Jeeps / Dollies 2×8
  • Drop deck / Lowboy skell container tri axle
  • Drop deck / lowboy fuel skell tri axle trailers
  • Service vehicles 8t 4×4
  • Light vehicles
  • Water pumps trailer mounted 6 inch
  • Water tankers 25,000 litre
  • Floc tanks 500 brl

Contact Savanna Trucking Services  Phone: 61 7 4633 6700