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Top Drive Single (TDS) Drilling Rig

In 2010, Savanna’s operations team reconfigured an underutilized portion of the Hybrid fleet to develop the prototype for the TDS (Top Drive Single) series. The TDS-3000 and TDS-2200 are long-reach single rigs with the same footprint and mobilization capacity of a Hybrid, and their development was truly an example of innovation in the face of the ever fluctuating oil and gas industry. Since the first TDS rig was deployed, Savanna has since built several more due to the platform’s success in plays with shallow to mid-range formations, including finding an application for TDS technology in Australia’s Coal Seam Gas (CSG) plays.

TDS-3000™ key features:

  • Range 3 pipe
  • Hydraulic catwalk
  • Iron roughneck
  • Integrated top drive