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Coiled Tubing Hybrid Drilling Rig

In 2001, Savanna’s patented Hybrid technology gained a tremendous following as the first coiled tubing drilling rig not requiring preset surface casing, and capable of running casing itself. These Hybrids have proven efficient in vertical and horizontal drilling and set records while drilling shallow gas for customers in the Western Sedimentary Canadian Basin because of their extreme mobility and rapid rig up and rig out times. These rigs were designed to have small footprints, require less loads, and offer versatility.


The CT-1500 is capable of drilling with both pipe and coiled-tubing and can switch between one and the other in less than ten minutes.

In Australia, Savanna designed and introduced a patented third-generation Hybrid coil tubing rig which offers superb advantages to our customers, employees, and the environment. The innovative design has performed exceptionally in Australia’s CSG plays, providing minimal disturbance leases, efficient operations and improved drilling safety.