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Savanna Drilling

Savanna Drilling offers an extensive fleet of deep, long-reach drilling rigs for virtually every drilling program. Operational since 2001, Savanna has grown into a worldwide energy services provider and has assembled a collection of drilling rigs designed to meet the diverse needs of major oil and gas explorers and producers. Representing the second largest drilling fleet in Canada, Savanna Drilling has operational bases throughout Canada, the United States, and Australia.


Savanna Drilling Canada provides long-reach deep drilling rigs and is well represented in all major plays across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our Canadian drilling fleet is the fourth largest in Canada and utilizes a range of modern rigs to cater to almost every well formation and depth, with an emphasis on deep horizontal drilling.

Savanna’s Canadian drilling fleet:

  • Heavy and Ultra-heavy Telescopic Doubles
  • Top Drive Singles: both TDS-2200 and TDS-3000™
  • CT-1500 Hybrid rigs

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Savanna’s operations in the United States are based in Houston, TX. Through performance and technology, Savanna is established as a premier driller in West Texas and our reputation for superior US drilling is spreading rapidly. Based on a mandate of acquisition and organic growth, Savanna’s US operations are expanding and include field offices in Midland, TX and Waynesburg, PA.

Savanna’s US drilling fleet:

  • VELOX™ triples
  • Heavy and Ultra-heavy Telescopic Doubles

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Savanna Energy Services brings industry-leading technology and innovation to the developing Coal Seam Gas (CSG) plays of Australia and has gained a reputation as a first choice driller for the country’s energy providers. High-tech, patented Hybrid drilling rigs are designed for key CSG operators in Queensland that are involved in the Surat Basin, Bowen Basin, and Cooper Basin plays. As such, Savanna’s regional office is located in Brisbane with an operations base in nearby Toowoomba to provide rig support, rig maintenance, and training.

Savanna’s Australian drilling fleet:

  • CT-1500 Hybrid rigs

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Fast, Efficient Rigs

Our fleet of heavy and ultra-heavy telescopic double drilling rigs, VELOXTM triple drilling rigs, TDS (Top Drive Single) Series, and patented Hybrid rigs is renowned in western Canada, the United States, and Australia for delivering professional service and providing the kind of results only state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel can deliver.

Savanna’s rigs have built a reputation for excellence in performance wherever they are deployed, including: the Williston Basin; Bakken Formation; Horn River Shale; Utica Shale; Viking Play; Cardium Play; Lower Shaunavon Play; Fayetteville Shale; Marcellus Shale; Permian Basin; Doig/Montney Formation; Eagle Ford; Northern Alberta Oilsands; and of course the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WSCB). Additionally, in 2011 Savanna embarked on operations in Australia in support of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) programs.

Savanna’s operations teams collectively have over 100 years of experience in vertical and horizontal, shallow and long-reach drilling. The Savanna team has personally designed and built virtually the entire fleet, continually refining each unit with the latest in technology and innovation. From AC controlled drawworks and top drives, to Iron Roughnecks, to video monitoring systems and hydraulic catwalks, we challenge ourselves to remain on the leading edge of technology with respect to safety and efficiency.

Through safety, training, and technology, Savanna Energy Services Corp. is dedicated to providing our employees, customers, and shareholders with the best the energy services industry has to offer.