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Savanna is committed to continuously improving the safety of work sites and educating employees on safe work practices, allowing them to demonstrate accountability for their own safety and that of their work colleagues.

Leading by Example

“I am a firm believer in leading by example. If they see you doing the right thing, they will follow. Taking the necessary time to train greenhands and experienced hands in their positions, teaching them how to perform each task correctly and how to do it safely is very important in having a positive HSE culture on my rig.” – Jeff Lane, Rig Manager, Rig 311, Savanna Drilling, Saskatchewan

Read Jeff’s interview in the Rig-n-Dig.

Leading by Example

Savanna requires that every hazard and unsafe act be reported immediately to minimize the chance of injury, increase awareness and improve the safety of our work environment. Our Field Superintendents and HSE Advisors are expected to frequently visit our rig sites and work with rig crews to improve safety awareness.

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