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HSE Personal Commitments

“It’s not all about just getting that job done. Oil companies are not looking for people that are prone to incidents and going to be harmful to their workers. So we’ve got to look out for what’s best for the long run.”

Kalden Vaagen Operator, Savanna Well Servicing, North Dakota

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“I have a very proactive management style. Expectations are communicated to my crew and I make sure that they understand everything before they carry out a task.”

Dean Gerber Rig Manager, Rig 615, Savanna Drilling, Alberta

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“I am a firm believer in leading by example. If they see you doing the right thing, they will follow. Taking the necessary time to train greenhands and experienced hands in their positions, teaching them how to perform each task correctly and how to do it safely is very important in having a positive HSE culture on my rig.”

Jeff Lane Operator, Savanna Well Servicing, North Dakota

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“I get personal with my guys every morning and I tell them, let’s take it each one step at a time, like a piece of the puzzle, and put it into place. And once you get that piece in, then we’ll hit the next piece, we’ll talk about that and we’ll get through it. And every day we’ll get home safe. And everybody will feel good about what they are doing.

Murray Draper Rig Manager, Rig 11, Savanna Well Servicing, Alberta

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“We have to all look out for each other. The smallest thing can hurt the most people. You have to watch what you are doing at all times: be alert, be mindful, be aware of your co-workers.”

Frank Rico Motorhand, Rig 417, Texas

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