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Award-winning Aboriginal Partnerships

Since 2001, Savanna has worked closely with many key Aboriginal communities to develop and maintain strong business relationships. These relationships have been built on mutual trust, with Aboriginal communities participating both as investors and as valued employees. These business partnerships benefit Aboriginal communities, Savanna and our oil and gas producing customers.

Genuine Partnerships

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What separates a relationship from a genuine partnership? Savanna believes that the difference lies in the depth and strength of the commitment involved.

Partner Map

Savanna is currently partnered with seven First Nations communities in 50/50 rig ownership: Blood Tribe, Cold Lake First Nation, Dene Tha’ First Nation, Duncan’s First Nation, Heart Lake First Nation and Saddle Lake First Nation.

Click the map to see which Aboriginal communities are partnered with Savanna Energy Services.

Fort McKay Savanna Energy Services Limited Partnership

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Our most recent partnership is a joint venture formed in 2013 between Fort McKay First Nation (51%) and Savanna Energy Services Corp. (49%). This partnership offers drilling, well servicing, and oilfield equipment rentals to Alberta oil sands operators. Fort McKay – Savanna Energy Services Limited Partnership operates a yard and shop location in Caribou Energy Park, Fort McKay First Nation.

Fort McKay Savanna Partnership Attractive Mix for Oil Sands Customers.

Our partnership model brings Aboriginal communities and Savanna together as meaningful players in the western Canadian energy industry. With a record of tangible achievement that no other service company can match, Savanna is poised and determined to remain an industry leader in Aboriginal community relations. Working with these communities also provides Savanna with access to a large and capable labour force. Hiring of Aboriginal people is based on need, skills and merit, as with all Savanna employees, and Savanna offers training and mentorship for all our field people.

Savanna is a member and supports CFAR (Circle For Aboriginal Relations), CCAB (Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business) and Cando (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers).

Awards and Recognitions

  • Aboriginal Relations – Best Practice Award of Distinction, Alberta Chamber of Commerce – March 2013
  • Premier’s Award, Alberta Chamber of Commerce – February 2010
  • Aboriginal Relations Best Practices Award of Distinction Finalist – February 2009
  • Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) – Gold Level, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business – February 2008
  • Rewarding Partnerships – Working with the Aboriginal Marketplace Award, Alberta Chamber of Resources – January 2007
  • Inaugural Canadian Indigenous Business Association Award, presented on behalf of First Nations within Alberta – October 2006
  • Best Practices Award of Distinction, Alberta Chamber of Commerce, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada – 2005
  • Nominated for Inter-provincial Association on Native Employment (IANE) awards for recruitment and training of Aboriginal individuals

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