Top Five Reasons to Work with Savanna

1. Advancement

We offer a wide range of opportunities for talented and hard-working employees, both on and off the rig.  With direct access to managers up to senior executives, employees are encouraged to ask questions and learn on-the-job.

2. Innovation

We pride ourselves in coming up with creative ideas and solutions that improve our performance overall and specifically enhance our service to our customers and the safety of our operations.

3. Vision & Values

Savanna is a company with a clear direction and goal. Add to that our Values of Integrity, Relationships, Excellence and Sustainability, and we have a strong foundation for building unity and making wise decisions.

4. People

Our rig crews and office teams work together to achieve great things… giving you piece of mind when it comes to your family, finances and health.

5. Benefits

Savanna offers an excellent benefits package in all our countries of operation, giving you piece of mind when it comes to your family, finances and health.

Iron Integrity

Iron Integrity means strength in one’s convictions. Iron is a symbol of strength and resilience, and also makes up the rigs and equipment our men and women work on each day. Integrity is our first value, and we strive to always do the right thing, even when it’s not easy. Together, these two words represent the kind of people who work at Savanna, and the kind of people we want working for Savanna.

Do you have Iron Integrity?

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Iron Integrity

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