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Whistleblower Policy

Savanna Energy is committed to seeking to maintain the highest standards of integrity and accountability in its business affairs. As part of our commitment to ethical and responsible business conduct, we are committed to seeking and to maintaining accountability of our accounting, internal controls and auditing processes. Any person has the right to directly contact the Chairman of the Audit Committee to report suspected illegal or improper activities of Savanna in that regard, if it is felt that reporting the incident through normal channels would not be acted upon. Such person need not identify themselves.

The following methods are available to contact the Chairman of the Audit Committee:

  1. By email: Send a message directly to the Audit Committee at
    moc.y1556128586grene1556128586annav1556128586as@ri1556128586ahCti1556128586duA1556128586 To remain anonymous, the person
    can send their message from an unidentifiable location, if desired.
  2. Voice Mail: Call (403) 503-1650 (Please note there is no caller ID
    system operating at this number)
  3. In writing: Attention: Chair of the Audit Committee
    #800, 311 – 6th Ave. S.W.
    Calgary, AB. T2P 3H2
    Please clearly mark your correspondence as “CONFIDENTIAL” 

If you choose to remain anonymous, please include the following information in your email, voice mail or letter to enable an investigation of the issue:

  • the nature of the incident or issue,
  • who from Savanna is involved or aware of the incident or issue (including management), and
  • the approximate date and time the incident occurred or how long you suspect the improper activity has been happening.