Savanna – Well Positioned Rigs and People

Savanna is a global leader in energy services offering exceptional Drilling and Well Servicing in the United States, Australia, and Canada. Our people and modern equipment are at the centre of our success, providing the perfect balance of experience, depth and quality service for our oil and gas customers.

Drilling, Well Servicing, Oilfield Rentals

Our modern, diverse drilling rig fleet is geared for maximum performance in major oil and gas plays worldwide. From the deep Velox™ Triple Drilling Rig Series, to long-reach horizontal telescopic double drilling rigs, to TDS Top Drive Singles, we have the perfect rig to meet the demands of any drilling program. Our well servicing complements our drilling rigs creating a complete suite of energy services.

Established in 2001, Savanna has established a proven track record of operational excellence, organic growth, and value creation for shareholders, as well as pioneering award winning Aboriginal Partnerships.

With a fl­eet of almost 100 drilling rigs, and close to 80 well service rigs, Savanna has expanded into major markets across western Canada, the United States, and Queensland, Australia. Savanna has strategic field operations bases which meet the demands of the oil and gas industry.

Growth has primarily occurred organically with the vast majority of the equipment being manufactured post 2001. This aggressive build program and Cap Ex program has resulted in the average age of Savanna’s equipment falling significantly below the industry’s average. Savanna strives to maintain long-term contracts on several of our rigs and has seen utilization rates north of the industry’s average through good times and bad. The Company has a peak base of hourly or day-work employees, providing significant scalability with respect to activity levels.

Focused on maintaining industry leadership in performance and safety, Savanna also brings value to oil and gas customers through partnerships with numerous Aboriginal communities in western Canada. These communities have ownership positions in both drilling and service rigs in partnership with Savanna, as well as associated employment and training opportunities.